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Do I Need a Second Shooter?

Do I Need a Second Shooter?

Why ALL my wedding packages include a second photographer

Did you know that every single one of my wedding packages includes a second shooter? Sometimes brides wonder if the extra cost of having a second photographer is worth it. Or maybe you wonder why one photographer isn’t “enough.” So, let’s break down all the benefits of having a second photographer on the wedding day!

Having a second photographer means:

I can be in two places at once

When I’m in the bridal suite, photographing my bride getting into her dress, I can send my second photographer to an entirely different location! My second will be able to photograph the groom getting ready at the exact same time! There’s not offset to the schedule to accommodate me needing to be with both the bride and groom  – we just get it done at the same time! If you’re not doing a First Look, this also means I can capture the bride with her bridesmaids. And my second will photograph the groom with the groomsmen. This ultimately frees up so much time in your wedding day!


I can get two angles at once

Having a first look? With two photographers, one of us can capture YOUR reaction to your groom, while the other photographs HIS reaction to you. With two photographers, one of us can photograph you walking down the aisle while the other captures your groom’s reaction. Two photographers means two different views – one of us to focus on “big” pictures, while the other focuses on the details. During family portraits, I’m getting the classic shots while my second can photograph what your nieces and nephews are doing on the side while they wait for their parents.

I have a hand with all my equipment

On any given wedding day I am packing around so. much. stuff! Especially when I am doing both photo and video, that means a lot of equipment to pack and unpack! Having a second photographer there means they can help me keep track of, pack up, and carry all my moving pieces. The faster I can pack up, the more time we have in our day for photos!

I have someone to help me stay on track

If I’m making sure I’m not missing a thing during important moments, then sometimes that means I am unaware of the time. Having a second photographer there ensures we all stay on track with the timeline. My second shooter also helps me rally up friends and family for family portrait time. Without them there, family portraits would be that much more complicated and time-consuming!


Ultimately, having a second photographer with me means I do my job better

I like to work with the same photographers as often as possible. This means we develop a relationship. They come to understand my system and my needs. They trust me and I trust them. We are a team, with both of us working to make your day and your end result that much better! Trust me, it’s always better to have another photographer on your side. Plus, you don’t need to worry about another photographer changing your experience working with me. I choose carefully who joins us on your wedding day. And then after the wedding day, it is still me editing and communicating with you!


So I hope this answers any questions you might have had about why you need a second shooter on your wedding day! If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out my other blogs for Brides to Be, such as:
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