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Pinehall at Eisler Farms Wedding | Kristina & Jordan



Pinehall at Eisler Farms Wedding

Kristina & Jordan

Their Love Story

Do you remember Kristina and Jordan’s early fall engagement session? It seemed they just could not get any more gorgeous, am I right?! Well after witnessing their Pinehall at Eisler Farms Wedding a few weeks ago, I guess I was wrong. Because together, Kristina and Jordan made the most stunning bride and groom ever!

After meeting during a mutual friend’s summer party, and sealing the deal with Facebook, these two have now been together for about 3 years. They spent many date nights at Franklin Inn. But Kristina still says her FAVORITE date was the restaurant in Boulder, CO they went to after Jordan proposed. (But, to be fair, it is REALLY hard to choose a favorite date!)

Speaking of Jordan’s proposal! I know you want to hear the story 🙂 These two were vacationing in Boulder and Jordan had mentioned to Kristina some “surprise dinner reservations.” But before they could get there, Jordan first wanted to make a stop so Kristina could witness some beautiful Mountain Views (his “cousin” recommended the spot). Before she knew it, he was down on one knee on top of a mountain asking her to spend the rest of her life with him! He had a secret photographer planted across the street to capture the whole thing, too!

Now here they are, newlyweds! Some of their favorite things to do together are making each other laugh, finding new restaurants, spending time with their dogs, and of course, traveling.

Their Wedding Day

I was so excited to be going back to Eisler Farms. The grounds are so beautiful and they are such wonderful hosts there! As I photographed the ladies getting ready, we seemed to have a theme song: Lizzo – Truth Hurts was played on repeat. All the girls rocked it as we sang along. I loved that Kristina was so resourceful throughout her wedding. Her dress was a borrowed dress. Kristina also took the lace from the bottom of the dress to use for her cover up during the ceremony. Kristina even had each of her bridesmaids bring robes that they had from other weddings. A great recycle design element!
There were other recycled or eco-friendly touches throughout the day, too! One of Kristina’s gifts that she got for Jordan was his grandfather’s watch fixed up. Her dad made the barn doors set up at the ceremony site for her to walk through before going down the aisle. Kristina herself made the photo booth set up, did calligraphy and the cake topper, and even made the wedding favors!
Pinehall has so many amazing options for photos! Even some that you can’t see beyond the lake and the trees. The venue coordinator took us off-roading to get us to a gorgeous fern field. It seemed almost out of this world! And then, as if I hadn’t already gotten so many amazing shots, Jordan and Kristina let me steal them away to get more magical pictures at sunset. We went down by the lake and tree rows, and the light was just pure honey perfection.
Before my team left for the evening, we heard our Truth Hurts theme song one last time. However, this time Kristina was surrounded by a power group of even more girls. It was a wonderful way to end the night. I’ll always be grateful I had the chance to work with these two and capture this special time in their life!

If you could say anything to your future self, what would you say?

Kristina’s answer: “Love isn’t always easy, but it’s the most important thing in the universe— make the choice to love and always improve upon yourself and your relationship.. it’s always worth it!”




Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner | Carrie Vardy of Eisler Farms

Ceremony & Reception Venue | Pinehall at Eisler Farms

Hair & Makeup | Wanderlust Beauty Studio
Officiant | Brennan Gaertner

Catering | Medure’s Catering


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