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What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

The question of what to wear to your engagement session is probably the most common one out there! Today we are going to break it down for you from a photographer’s point of view, to make sure your clothing is the most flattering for your photos.

Be comfortable

I always start off with this tip because it’s the most important. Ultimately, we want you both to feel like YOU. We don’t want you to come to your session in an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear, or in something that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you have a favorite quality about your body, accentuate it! If you’re uncomfortable with cleavage or showing your shoulders, cover up! Not a fan of heels? Find a cute pair of flats to wear instead. You will look MOST beautiful when you FEEL the best. When you look back on your engagement photos, you will remember how you FELT while taking them, and I don’t want you having any negative associations with your images!


Bring two outfits

I generally tell my clients to bring one outfit that is a bit more “fancy,” and one that is a bit more casual. This helps to give your photos greater variety, and it also makes sure that you get to highlight a style you love. It can give a totally different look to a location, and also shows both sides of your personalities.

My recommendations: Guys, don’t be afraid to really dress it up! Here’s a great excuse to bring out that suit and really rock it. Wear a tie – or don’t! But I do recommend at least a button up shirt. For the casual outfit, a sweater or pullover always looks great.
For ladies, I always recommend a dress or even a cute tulle skirt for at least one of your outfits! If you want to wear jeans for your more casual outfit, make sure you dress them up with cute shoes or sandals, and pair them with a nice blouse.

Be cohesive, not copy-cats

Wearing the exact same shades or patterns in photos often comes across as cheesy. Instead of matching exactly, try to find coordinating colors and patterns.

Avoid tiny patterns

Sometimes with small, intricate patterns like really small or tight plaid patterns, or other repetitive patterns, the camera’s sensor can get a little confused. This usually causes a purple haze to show up in your photos, called chromatic abberation. Try to wear a larger plaid pattern if possible.

No logos or graphics

Unless you are specifically including a special tee-shirt for a significant reason, I always suggest not wearing shirts with a logo or graphic on it. It tends to be distracting and takes away from your images really focusing on the two of you!

Be aware of color

I love color just as much as the next girl, but just be aware that whatever color you wear will reflect onto your skin. For this reason, I typically recommend not wearing florescent colors like bright pink or green.


Don’t be afraid to wear a bold statement necklace or other fun jewelry. It can add a little pop to your outfit!


Still looking for inspiration?
Check out my Pinterest board full of great ideas!what to wear to your engagement session

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