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Danielle’s Favorite Pittsburgh Wedding Vendors: DJ Joseph Costa

Danielle’s Favorite Pittsburgh Wedding Vendors:

Pittsburgh Wedding DJ Joseph Costa

In the past few months alone, I have worked with this awesome DJ for more than 3 events! I love his vibe, I love the way he gets the crowds moving, and of course – I love his MUSIC! My brides have all loved him, too, so I figured it was time we brought him on the blog for a PROPER introduction. Without further ado, one of my favorite Pittsburgh Wedding DJ – DJ Joseph Costa!

Introduce yourself and your business!

Hi, my name is Joseph Costa and I am a DJ. I have been dj-ing since 2003 and have been performing at weddings since 2006.
pittsburgh wedding dj

Describe your style or your favorite type of work to do!

My style is multi-faceted. As a DJ, every event is different and you must adapt. So when I am at a meeting with my clients, I am putting the music together in my head. I can already envision the space, the crowd and how the music moves the crowd. My favorite work is being able to perform to a crowd and putting smiles on their faces.
pittsburgh wedding dj

What do you do when you feel stuck? What inspires you?

Often enough how I stay inspired is to look at what other DJs are doing in other markets like Las Vegas, New York and Miami. I then can bring that approach locally. When I start to feel a little burned out, I think about the times when I wanted to be the top DJ in the area, when I wanted that one gig that I didn’t get called for or when I started my company and how scared I was to venture off. When I think back to those times, that is when I get refreshed and revamp my creative side.
pittsburgh wedding dj

What is your favorite part about your work?

My favorite part of my work is seeing a wedding from seed to fruition. Remembering the initial meeting with my couple to the final song being played at the end of the night. Then seeing first hand all of the hard work that went into putting the event together come to life and the joy on their faces of how amazing the wedding was.

What is one way you go above and beyond to spoil your clients?

The one way I go above and beyond to serve my clients is two prong. I truly make myself available to my clients at all times and I truly do help with all aspects of the wedding. Whether it’s working their timeline or taking calls in the wee hours of the night because my client may work night shifts or they might live on the west coast. I want to be able to be there for my clients and take off any pressure or anxiety they may have with wedding planning.

If you could give one piece of advice to a bride, what would it be?

My one tip is to do your research and choose good vendors. If you do so the wedding process will be much easier.
Now that you now how AMAZING Joseph is, be sure to follow him on Facebook! Brides, you can find him on The Knot or go to his website here!
To see recent weddings where Joseph was the DJ, check out Kristina and Jordan’s Pinehall wedding or Krista and Zach’s Hillcrest wedding!

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