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Hartwood Acres Manor Engagement Session | Nellie + Sterling

Hartwood Acres Manor Engagement Session

Nellie + Sterling

It was such an amazing night for this Hartwood Acres Manor engagement session with Nellie and Sterling. We could not have asked for better weather! And of course, Hartwood Acres Manor was just stunning. It is a wonderful estate with a historical mansion and perfectly manicured lawns and gardens. Everywhere we looked was another prime spot for photos. No corner was overlooked! I took advantage of the old stone walls, the gorgeous architecture, and of course the blooming garden on site. I actually ran into so many other photographers I know taking advantage of the beautiful grounds! I even ran into a past bride. 🙂

I loved that these two brought two outfits to highlight both their fun and relaxed side, and also their more fancy side!! They looked great no matter what!

How they met

Nellie and Sterling have been officially together for going on 9 years now! However, their story starts way back in elementary school! These two have been going to school together since kindergarten. They even “dated” once in 4th grade but, tragically, they broke up and remained friends – until sophomore year of high school, that is! Then they finally took the leap and started dating again. Clearly, this time around things went smoother 🙂
When I asked Nellie what their best date has been so far, she said it would either be their beach trip – where they got engaged! – or else just the two of them hanging out in the evenings, and taking walks together. I loved that answer. Such sweet, simple moments truly do make for the most memorable. They also love weekend mornings when they can sit at his pool and drink coffee together. Or on her back porch and just enjoy each other’s company.

What they love about each other

I love to ask my couples to list a few things they love about one another. It gives them time to really reflect on the qualities that first drew them to each other. Also, it just helps me get to know them and the things they value! The first thing I noticed when reading their answers, was that both Nellie and Sterling said they loved each other’s patience! Another thing Nellie mentioned was that she loved how much Sterling loved and admired his mother. Of course, Sterling mentioned Nellie’s smokin’ bod (she DID look amazing at this session!! And will be such a beautiful bride!!), and her smile. He also expressed his excitement at one day starting a family and having kids together. That always melts my heart when my grooms say that!

These two are just so perfect together and I can’t wait for their wedding!



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