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Erin & Joe | Engagement Session | Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It was such a wonderful day for Erin & Joe’s engagement session.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. With the perfect temperature (mid 70s) and the sky full of clouds (photographers dream), it was really a great day for this shoot.

When we started this session, we started a little different than a normal session. I met up with Erin & Joe at the infamous Archie’s Bar, a main hub for the frequent south side crawlers. The very place these two met several years ago. A mutual friend of Erin & Joe was begging for Erin to take a break on her studies and come out to meet some of his friends. Although Erin was very hesitant, he persisted and Erin ended up meeting her soul mate at good ole Archie’s. Over a game of darts, Erin & Joe hit it off and have been inseparable ever since.

So we thought it would be a wonderful idea to start back where it all began. We were only at Archie’s for a short while, but it was awesome seeing these two throw some darts, hang back, and recreate their love story.

From Archie’s , we made some beautiful city stops. Erin changed into this gorgeous blue dress that I am still obsessed with!  We made time to visit the convention center  and the point while I learned more about Erin & Joe. They recently just moved into their brand new home from Atlanta. Joe is a finance manager, while Erin is finishing up her masters as a nurse practitioner.

These two were such a wonderful couple to work with. I could tell Joe was a bit nervous at first, but you couldn’t even tell because they both photographed so well together!!  These two are tying the knot later this year in November, and I can’t wait to photograph them again!!!



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