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The Schneiderlochner Family | Robin Hill Park | Moon Township, Pennsylvania

Every once in a while, instead of an email inquiry where I can usually see the last name, I get a phone call inquiry. Normally on these occasions, the last name doesn’t normally come up. So when I got this inquiry, I just handled it like any other wonderful client of mine and we agreed on a date and time, etc. So when I got to the location when meeting this family, to my very BIG surprise, I knew this family!!! I mean, I KNEW this family very very well!!

It was so wonderful to see my old swim coach Mike Schniederlochner and his family standing before me. I actually had to explain to them that I had no idea that it was them on the phone, while they giggled at me saying “We knew it was you”.  It has been exactly 10 years since I have seen them last. Along with Mike was his stunning wife, his 2 beautiful daughters with their extended families and his son, who I had worked and competed with in the past. It was wonderful seeing all the different generations.

In fact, I was notified that my coach and his wife were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary! What a milestone! And Samantha’s daughter Paige, one of Mike’s granddaughters , was celebrating her 2nd Birthday!

It was so heartwarming to capture these images for this family! All 3 of Mikes grandchildren were absolutely adorable! And it was so nice to see Courtney and Samantha happy with their families!! I am just so happy to get to capture their happiness, all together as a family!!!


Some of my favorites below!!


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