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Lilly’s 7th Birthday – Family Session | Ingram, Pennsylvania

I cant believe that time has gone so fast. I feel like every year it has been getting faster and faster. Lilly was in Myrtle Beach for her Birthday this year. So we had to grab her 7th birthday pictures when she got back.

She already has grown so much from last year. Plus she was sporting a new look with her shorter hair.

Her birthday party theme was Descendents 2 , not only Descendents but there was a certain character she wanted to represent. The character is named Uma. Uma (seen on Lilly’s shirt) is the antagonist of Descendents 2. The character is the daughter of the villain Ursula, and has become the queen of the Isle of the Lost. She is sassy, ambitious, and powerful character and it says a-lot that Lilly can relate to the character so well. Plus she is always rocking her PirateĀ  sword !

For the 2nd half we always try to capture Lilly in her costume for halloween, and that being Uma. Lilly got into it, whipping the sword around and playing in the sand. Its crazy to think how old she is getting, but Lilly has certainly hit the age where she letting her own personality shine through. As much as I love watching this little girl grow-up, I only wish it would just slow down. Lilly, however, is just eager to make a mark on the world. <3

“The world will know my name.” – Uma


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