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Cathedral of Learning Engagement Photos | Jenna & Logan

Cathedral of Learning Engagement Photos

Jenna & Logan

These Cathedral of Learning engagement photos with Jenna and Logan are just the dreamiest!! I absolutely fell in love with the architecture of the Cathedral. Between the stone walls, fountains, perfectly manicured gardens and shrubs, and their pristine outfits, I felt like we were shooting in Paris! We also had perfect weather, and we are all crossing our fingers we get beautiful weather just like that for their wedding next October.

How they met

Logan and Jenna have been together for 5 years now, and actually met in an elevator! They both were living on floor 8 of Panther Hall. Her and her roommate were going back to their room when Logan and his roommate happened to get on the elevator at the same time. Logan invited them over to his dorm room to hang out that day. The two of them stayed friends for 2 years before starting to officially date. Their first date was on Logan’s 21st birthday. Jenna tried to pay for his ice cream, but quickly realized she didn’t have any cash at the cash-only ice cream shop! He took it like a champ….though admits that he still teases her about it to this day.

The Proposal

Logan and Jenna always take an annual beach vacation with their closest college friends. Logan thought that Jenna might be expecting him to propose during their upcoming trip to Europe, and he really wanted to surprise her. So he thought their beach trip with friends would be the perfect time to do it instead. One morning, he woke her up just after sunrise and asked her to go for a walk with him. Jenna says this was not out of the ordinary for them, so she didn’t suspect anything. Just as they were about to head back to the beach house, Logan stopped her and wrapped her in a big hug. Jenna says he started saying the sweetest things to her, and before she knew it he was down on one knee. She was so shocked that Logan had to gently remind her that she still needed to answer the question!! They then got to go back to the house and celebrate the special occasion with their friends!

The engagement session

When I met up with Jenna and Logan, they had just celebrated their engagement party the day before, so this weekend was a big one for them. While wedding planning can be stressful at times, it is also so much fun and such an exciting time for my couples! I may be biased but I definitely feel like the engagement session is the best part about wedding planning!
For the second half of their session, we drove out to Schenely Park for a different vibe and scenery. But mostly I was excited to meet their pup Riley, who completes their little family! He was such a good boy, evening sitting and smiling for the camera. He definitely stole the show!
Jenna and Logan both said that they each know how to make the other better – Jenna knows just how to put Logan in a better mood, and Logan knows how to calm Jenna when she is having a hard time or becomes flustered over little things. They both also mentioned how caring, sweet, and nurturing they are to one another. I loved witnessing their love for their engagement session and can’t wait for the chance to photograph their wedding, too!

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