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McConnells Mill State Park Engagement Photos | Kayla + Ben

McConnells Mill State Park Engagement Photos

Kayla + Ben

Kayla and Ben’s McConnells Mill State Park engagement photos were so much fun to shoot! These two grew top together and even rode the same bus. Ben explained that he had seen her in the mall where she worked and flirted with her for awhile, but didn’t make the move then. Two years later, he messaged her and from there is history! Ben said that he chose to propose to her on her grandparents’ front porch. It holds a special place for them because “all our moments happened there. From breathtaking moments to fights. I believe it was only right to have it there.”

While we were driving to the State Park, we were starting to get a little worried as we ended up passing through a lot of rain. But I am so glad we didn’t cancel! It ended up being a beautiful day, and the little bit of rain we did get gave the waterfalls that extra oomph. While we hiked, I eagerly listened to their wedding plans! I also learned that Ben’s reward for doing engagement photos was Chinese food. Isn’t that amazing?! Who doesn’t want Chinese food as a reward!

When we got to the falls, it was super humid and wet but these two killed it. They were up for anything and everything! Even the moments we had them in the water for the perfect spot.

On the way back, we had an outfit switch. This was a special request from Ben: Space Jam team shirts for Bugs & Lola!! I loved this! Any 90s kids can appreciate some Space Jam references.

Before we moved onto Cleland Rock, we decided to stop at an open field. The began to set as we were there, and the lighting was so warm and beautiful! This is always my favorite part of the night.

Finally, we made it to Cleland Rock Overlook. This spot is so spectacular! It looks down over 400 feet into Slippery Rock Gorge. Not only that, but it’s easy to get to with no hike required, just a short drive away!

Meant to be

These two are simply meant to be. They said so many sweet things about each other in their questionnaires. Some of my favorites were Kayla saying her favorite thing to do with Ben is “anything and everything, as long as we’re together.” And also that she is most looking forward to Ben being the last one she sees before she falls asleep and the first one she sees when she wakes up…. “then BABIES!!!!” Ben wants to remind his future self that “no matter how old I get or what I do, this will always be my greatest decision. Kayla has improved my life in so many ways, she saved me from me, and I cannot thank her enough.” Isn’t that just amazing? I love these two so much and am so happy for them!!


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