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For My Brides: Getting Ready Photos

Tips for Brides

The wedding day is here! Maybe you were up all night previously, anticipating the fun to come – or maybe you slept soundly without a worry in the world. Either way, the morning of your wedding day is always such an exciting time! Your girls and family have arrived, and the makeup team is due soon. It won’t belong before I – your wedding photographer! – walk through your door, too. This portion of the day really helps set the tone for the rest of the day. I love using this time to “warm up” my creative juices. Here are my Top 5 Tips for My Bride’s Getting Ready Photos!

Window Light

Having a getting ready space that has perfectly even and natural light can be difficult. But even if we only have just ONE window with natural sunlight streaming in, then I can make sure we have nice clean lighting for your details! I can also use window light for bridal portraits! Don’t worry if you DON’T have a window in your bridal prep space – but if I had my way, the more windows available to us, the better!


Gather all your details

In the day or two before your wedding, make sure to gather all your details into one easy to grab bag or bin. Having these things ready to go for me as soon as I arrive means I can shoot your details quicker – which then gives me more time to photograph you and your girls getting ready! These are the most common items I photograph for my brides: dress, veil, shoes, bouquet, rings, something blue/borrowed/new/old, jewelry, perfume, invitation suite, and any other sentimental items you’d like included. This means you’ll want to hang onto the rings (all three!) for me to photograph them in the morning, and we can hand them off to the best man at a later time!


Coordinate with your florist

Make sure the bouquets and bouts are delivered to your getting ready location! We will use them with your details, as well as with any bridal portraits we take! I also love using a bit of greenery or flowers in my detail shots. It really helps to make all your photos cohesive with your wedding colors. It also adds pop and texture to flatlays! You can ask your florist to share any leftover or extra pieces and leave them with you in your getting ready room!


Everyone else


You’ll want to make sure everyone else is ready to go before YOU get into your dress. That means your mom, mother-in-law, bridesmaids, or anyone else you want in those photos need to be in their bridesmaids dress with hair and makeup done before you start getting into your dress. This way, when we photograph your dress being zipped up, everyone else is polished, beautiful, and looking their best! These photos are ones you’ll want in your album!

Getting you into your dress!

I usually start photographing you when you’re just about to finish up with your makeup. This is because no one wants photos of themselves without makeup on, anyway 🙂 Once your girls and any family present are dressed and ready, then we will get you in your dress! I always suggest buffering in a little extra time for this portion. Sometimes dresses just zip right up in no time, and other times, especially when your dress is a lace-up, it takes a little extra time. I will have you get zipped up close to the window light with your girls all around or behind you so they are a part of the photos too.

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Danielle Durbin is a Pittsburgh Wedding Videographer and Photographer.  You can follow her on Instagram here or on Facebook here. 







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