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Krista & Zachary | Engagement Session | Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Lets talk about Krista & Zach’s engagement session in Oakmont, Pa. Krista & Zach live in this cute little area down by the river of the Allegheny, which was such a nice area to focus on for their engagement pictures. About 5 min walk from their house, they have a wonderful trail near the water, where they often walk their adorable pup.   There was just so many cute options for pictures.

I had the most fun taking pictures with these two. Seriously two wonderful people, Zach & Krista are such a cute couple. They were making jokes and laughing with one another, and it was so sweet to watch.

After we walked down by the river, we walked up to the cute main street of Oakmont. We spent some time at the beautiful library, then we did some cute shots by the street shops.  One of my favorite photos from this session was when I had Zach & Krista in the middle of the brick road with the golden sky glow behind them. Growing up on brick streets myself, I am a sucker for these types of roads! Plus, the sky was just GLOWING pink !


I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next May!




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