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Alex & Alex, Your Story Highlight, Duquesne University

Alex and Alex were seriously one of my favorite couples to shoot. They are such wonderful individuals who happen to find their soulmate at the average college party. When I starting talking with Alexander of what drew him to her that night, he immediately said it was her voice.  After a little introduction, Alex and Alex would be inseparable all night. Talking late into the night on a rooftop below the stars, this love story found its beginning. Check out their Your Story Highlight below.




























































































































































































































































t was a great day. When I first walked into the beautiful bridal suite, I could feel the excitement. All bridesmaids were sitting on the couch, laughing and giggling. When I asked where the beautiful ride to be was, they are all eagerly pointed around the corner to where the the Hair stylist had taken her station. I turned the corner and there sat *-

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