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Bushy Run Battlefield Wedding | Aubrey & Andy

Bushy Run Battlefield Wedding

Aubrey + Andy

How they met

Andy and Aubrey’s Bushy Run Battlefield Wedding was such a fun and beautiful day to photograph and be a part of! Andy is actually one of my good friends from high school! Unlike most friends from high school, him and I have managed to stay close throughout the years. In fact, I like to take a small amount of credit for these two ending up together 🙂

A few years ago, I met Aubrey through one of my best friends, Kayla. We ended up working together and becoming a fantastic friend, too. Kayla and I couldn’t help but think that Aubrey and Andy would make a great couple. They have similar personalities, and just seemed like each other’s type! We ended up staging a night for both of them to meet. That night nothing seemed to happen. Kayla and I shrugged it off, thinking we must have been wrong.

However, later that year,  Andy came to an old work party with my husband and I. Aubrey was there that night, and, after a few drinks and some encouraging words from my husband, Andy started talking to Aubrey. From that night on, the two hit it off.

Watching their relationship blossom into what it is now has been so amazing to witness! They are both unique and creative individuals, and together they make such a beautiful relationship. It warms my heart to think Kayla and I had the intuition to spot out these soul mates so early on!

The Wedding Day

Every little detail about their wedding day really reflected who Andy and Aubrey are. I loved all the unique and creative design elements that they included, such as dried flowers that Andy had given her throughout their dating years. They wanted their day to reflect some of the things they loved: Antiques, the forest, Over the Garden Wall, The Village, The Lumineers. Instead of a traditional ring box, they had a glass trinket with greenery instead. While I was photographing some of these details, I noticed a scrapbook Aubrey had made for Andy. One page in it had my own wedding invites for them! She even kept their seat assignment cards with their names on it. Of course, I had to snap a photo. It made me so happy!

Their ceremony, which was held near the tree that Andy asked Aubrey to marry her at, was very non-traditional. I love that Aubrey walked herself down the aisle. They even learned a surprise waltz together (taught to them by Addison & Kristi), which they performed during their first dance.
Afterwards, Andy changed into a new outfit. Why? For the Caber Toss of course! Tossing cabers is a traditional Scottish event, where competitors toss a large pole. It was so fun to see this unique tradition added into their wedding celebration. I love these two and it was more than wonderful to photograph their wedding. I hope they see these images and think back to an amazing day filled with cabers, kilts, love, and chicken nuggets.

Thank you to their amazing vendors:

Ceremony Venue | Bushy Run Battlefield

Reception Venue | Norwin Elks Lodge

Wedding Cake | JessB Bakes

Officiant | Steven Zmigrosky

DJ | Zack Roach

Dress Store | David’s Bridal

Grooms Attire | Berks Menswear
Rentals | Party Savvy
Cellist | Rebecca Keeley
Dance Instructors | Addison & Kristi

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer and Videographer | Danielle Durbin Film and Photo

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