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Northmoreland Park Engagement Photos | Leda & Jeff

Northmoreland Park Engagement Photos

Leda & Jeff

These Northmoreland Park engagement photos have the dreamiest, golden light and the most adorable couple ever! Leda and Jeff are two wonderful friends of mine! I met them through my sister-in-law Alysha (remember Alysha and EJ’s engagement session?), almost a decade ago. Leda was Alysha’s best friend growing up, and when I met her I could understand why! Leda is such an amazing friend and a girl who can tell it like it is!
And then I met Jeff! Jeff is just the perfect match for Leda. Jeff is one of my favorite people to make me laugh. He is just someone that can lighten any situation and all the while being a really genuine person. Together they are such a fantastic duo. My husband and I have a blast every single time we get together with them, whether that’s racing go carts or jamming in the car to Bon Jovi.
We chose Northmoreland Park for the engagement photos because it is such a beautiful park with a small lake to use as the background. And, as I mentioned, the light is just gorgeous at sunset! As usual, I had so much fun with these two! We were laughing and giggling throughout the whole session. I think you’ll be able to tell in the photos; I love all the shots I got of Leda’s genuine smile and crinkle-nose laugh.
There was a moment towards the end of the session that I prompted Jeff  to “run up from behind her and wrap your arms around her like you are kidnapping her.” Well, Jeff took this quite literally and ended up picking her up by the legs!! Leda’s reaction was simply hilarious. 
It means the world to me that I was able to do this session for them. They will be getting married next September, and I wish them a beautiful wedding day and lifetime of happiness!!

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