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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer: 5 Trending Editing Styles

I’m hoping to help you make one decision regarding your wedding a little bit simpler: choosing your wedding photographer. It’s important to understand all the different options out there, and then you can decide which way your heart leans! Last week we broke down some of the different trending shooting styles among wedding photographers. So if you haven’t already checked that post out, you’ll want to start there! This week we’re covering some of the basic different trending editing styles. Just like with shooting styles, some photographers have a mix of these different kinds of editing. And the way they shoot also affects the way they can edit! I’ll explain more as we go. So without further ado, here are the top 5 Trending Editing Styles in wedding photography today!

5 Trending Editing Styles

Light & Airy

Light and Airy photos are just like they sound – full of light! They are bright. This means there is generally low contrast, the shadows are lifted for an overall softer look, greens are lighter and desaturated, and skin tones are creamy. To achieve this look, the lighting is usually more important than the location. You need clean, open lighting like open shade, filtered light, or bouncing light from the ground.

For lots of examples of light & airy photos, check out this insta

Dark & Moody

Dark and Moody photographers love and look for high-contrast lighting and situations. Images are usually dramatic – in posing, in the situation, in the mood or emotion of the couples/clients, or in lighting. The shadows are deep (the moodiness), and the exposure is low (the dark).

For a great example of dark and moody, check out Anchor & Veil.

Warm & Desaturated

You will find warm and desaturated qualities in both  the lighter, airier edits and also in dark and moody. However, in either one, the skin tones tend to be more “orangey” and the greens are deep and desaturated.  There are lots of photographers with a more island-vibe such as Jenna Kutcher, Lindsay Roman, and Child Indigo that have the warmer, more matte look to them.

Film: Inspired or True Film

Film-inspired photos (or true film photos) will have a depth to them that most digital photos do not have. This is from the grain that is naturally present in film photos. There are high-contrast photographers who use lots of color like Perry Vaile, and also more subdued, softer film look from Julie Paisley or Abbey Grace. Most film-loving photographers will not care if all photos are not tack-sharp, as this can be added ethereal or whimsical vibe to the film look.

True to Life/Color

I saved the best for last 😉 Just kidding! All of these styles offer different advantages and challenges, but I would describe my style as True to Life or True to Color. This means I try to keep my images looking as close to real life colors, contrast, and tones as possible. Medium contrast, warm skin tones, and lighter shadows to keep the details. This means I don’t shoot in areas with high-contrast lighting (though I can! I just prefer lots of natural light), I like my images with low grain, and sharp clarity. To me, these images are the most classic. The images that will stand the test of time, and will still remind you exactly what you looked and felt like on your wedding day when you look back at them 30 years from now!

true to color trending editing style true to color trending editing style clean wedding ring

trending editing styles

One final tip: Make sure you ask to see a FULL wedding gallery. No matter what editing style you decide to go with, make sure that your photographer is CONSISTENT throughout all portions of the day. There will be times when you might be getting ready in a dark room, shooting portraits during the brightest part of the day, walking down the aisle at golden hour, and having photos taken in a dark reception room where flash is needed. All of these scenarios require a different lighting approach and you want to make sure the photographer you choose is able to show a consistent shooting, lighting, and editing gallery through the entire flow of the wedding day! And don’t forget, if you missed my last post in this series you can read it here.

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