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Lauralee & Joel – Pregnancy Announcement | Boyce-Mayview Park | Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania

Can I first start by saying Lauralee & Joel are such a wonderful duo.  I could never get enough of seeing them, and capturing their wonderful faces!! So when Lauralee contacted me to do some photos not even three months after their gorgeous wedding day, I jumped at the opportunity to see these two again!!

Truly over filming their love story interview and wedding day, I really believe them to be awesome friends of mine. So for this session especially, it felt like I was just hanging out with good friends.

We decided to do the session at the same location we were last year for their love story interview, Boyce-Mayview Park. Its a great location that feature gorgeous green backdrops and gives us a little bit of country so close to the city.


So Joel and Lauralee arrived separately, Joel being first. I got to catch up with him on married life, and Lauralee finally being home from Vermont. She had been away for a bit and she was finally getting stuff moved in .

Shortly Lauralee arrived and I got to hug this beautiful girl. I swear Lauralee might just be one of the sweetest girls I ever met. She just got the sweetest-bubbly personality, anyone would want to be her friend. So when she was like “did Joel tell you?”… my heart stopped.

A part of me knew when she said it, but she smiled at Joel then at me, and then said “We are pregnant!”. I mean talk about a wave of emotion came over me. One of my favorite things about being in the wedding industry and capturing wedding days, is watching the family grow afterwards. I have watched many of my bride & grooms start their families, and it is so heartwarming to see. There is something magical when I see the announcement, but for me, this one just took the cake. Maybe because I got to hear it in person, or because these two are just so darn cute together, I got very emotional. I was so damn happy, I couldnt contain my excitement.

So since they didn’t announce anything yet and they were still waiting for the 12 week mark, we took some good couple photos along with photos that would hint to their new arrival. Poor Lauralee was feeling major baby side effects and couldn’t go as long as she normally would. but I loved all the pictures we got for them.


Lauralee & Joel,

Your in my prayers and I wish you a healthy pregnancy. I cant wait to see that big ole beautiful bump. You are going to make a wonderful parents, and I cant wait to see what life has in store for you three!




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