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Amanda & Matt Engagement Session | Mt. Washington – Casino Garage – Point State Park

I have been excited about photographing these two for a while now. When I originally met them, they had this wonderful proposal story where Matt took Amanda to the Cliffs of Moher (Ireland… like one of the most romantic proposals ever?)  Matt even had a photographer ready to capture the proposal.  Talk about a man who knows what he is doing.

After hearing their awesome story, I couldnt wait to get some hometown engagement pictures for them. So we started at the Cliffs of Burgh (haha Mt. Washington) and did a little session there. Some of the best views of Mt. Washington are actually not at the overlook itself, but more at the “Points of view” statue across from the Monterey Bay restaurant. This gives you a great view of the city and the rivers, while the overlooks give you more of a skyline of the buildings. My husband and I met these two there, and I soon learned that these two were so easy to photograph. This is why I love to photograph “in love” couples, its so easy to capture the natural connection between them.

From the Cliffs of Burgh, we headed down to the Casino to grab some city skyline photos on the top floor of the garage. This meant a lot to them because many dates started out just meeting at the casino since its a middle point for the two. My favorite part of the day was when we reenacted these two meeting up with their cars. Lets just say… ADORABLE! I mean, my oh my,  this made my heart pitter patter lol

To end the night, we ended up at the beautiful point and I sincerely loved the sunset that was going on. Despite the heavy cloud day we had, the sun came out for its final set and was glowing like a crazy pink, orange color (which made the photos come out like a dream!!! )


I am so excited to see these two finally get married next year! I know these two are dying to finally live together after the wedding ! It will be here before you know it!!





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