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Family Beach Photos | Personal Blog | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Its funny how sometimes I can’t help myself lol. So Josh and I have been together for almost 8 years and each time we get together with our families, we mention how we should take a family vacation together. For 8 years I have heard this at Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc. Not once has anyone tried to make the plans. So I couldn’t help myself and actually tried to plan a family vacation. For those of you who know me, you know my side of the family isn’t very big. Usually for holidays my mother and brother come to my husband’s family home. I always appreciate this because it gives us the opportunity to see everyone for the holiday and doesn’t leave my mom all by her lonesome at home.


Well , anyway, I took the challenge and planned a family vacation. Everyone agreed on Myrtle Beach. We ended up bringing our dogs and it was just an overall great week. This week was a great reminder that you need to make family a priority. Sometimes I catch myself saying, ” I am too busy” to do certain things. But my goal for this year is to make sure I spend time with our family and appreciate the time we have with them now. I know how precious time can be with the ones that you love, just make sure you actually “take the time” to cherish them.


We decided to do some family pictures on the beach here are some of my favorites.


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