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Tanna & Sean | Heinz Chapel + Phipps Conservatory

Have you ever met a couple and just automatically knew they were meant for each other? When meeting with Sean & Tanna for the first time last year, I just could feel the incredible passion that they had for each other. During their love story interview, I really got to know these two and how they fell in love with each other. These two met in the military, but what makes it extra cool, is they met in the military band. Each individual had a passion for music that led them to the military band, then undeniably to one another. Throughout their whole wedding, you could find those wonderful hints to their melody of love.

For a longer version of their story, you can check out there Love Story Interview here.

Another one of the major hints throughout this beautiful celebration, was there deep, deep love for Star Wars. Yes, I said Star Wars. But I have to admit, my nerd heart was warm this day. Throughout the day, you could find elegant references to the epic story. Many references included the classic Princess Leia and Han Solo love betrothal, found on their rings and ring boxes. One of my favorite references was their wonderful cake topper featured in their wedding highlight.  They had many beautiful decorations for their wedding, but watching Sean and Tanna look into each other’s eyes was the best part of the day. Every once in a while, Sean would steal a kiss from Tanna. Anyone watching them just could melt from the love and joy that flowed from them on this beautiful day.

Sean & Tanna got married at Oakland’s famous Heinz Chapel. And from there, we stopped by the Roberto Clemente Bridge, Point State Park, and the Hot Metal Bridge for their portrait time. It was magical seeing them at the Point when we were just there not even a year ago for their love story interview. Its crazy how time flew by and after all portraits were taken, we headed to the gorgeous Phipps Conservatory for their wonderful reception to celebrate.

Overall this day was just a magical one, but one of the things that absolutely stood out for me was a wonderful moment when their military band sang a song for them. This moment wasn’t able to make the highlight, but will be featured on their private wedding video. But its a precious moment, that I could never forget.  Being in a military band, members can feel like a family and many were there that night to celebrate with Tanna & Sean. After dinner the members of the military band stood up and explained when they attend a wedding of a military member they always sing a song to welcome the new wife or husband into their military family. However, this time it was special because they both belonged to the band and it hit home for many of the members singing. Tanna & Sean stood directly across from them when they sang and it was clearly a meaningful moment for the both of them. Poor Tanna couldn’t hold back tears and even I started tearing up a bit.

I wish the very best for these two. They are absolutely an incredible couple and I know they have a love that is just as beautiful as the music they make together. Tanna & Sean, I am so blessed to have had the chance to work with you and I wish you two a life full of love and happiness!!!



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