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Baby Evelyn & Mom | Home Studio

Oh my goodness. Baby Evelyn could melt anyone’s heart, but this was a different melting for me. This melting hit me right into the core because this baby belongs to one of my dearest and beloved friends, Hannah.

When I first heard Hannah was having a baby, I was so happy for her!!! But I have to admit something I am not proud of……. I had a hard time picturing Hannah being pregnant.


Okay don’t get me wrong, I knew someday Hannah & Josh would have loved to extend their family. But when I heard her say it, I couldn’t physically picture her pregnant then, at that moment.  I couldn’t imagine her waddling away with ice cream in hand and a copy of “What to expect, when your expecting”.  But the first time I saw her with that beautiful round belly, life smacked me with its wonderful fate saying “I have plans you never saw coming”.  I cried the first time I felt that baby move in her belly and knew that this baby was such a precious gift.  Check out Hannah’s maternity pictures here.

Now, unfortunately I wasn’t able to be there for Hannah when she had Evelyn since Hannah lives in Michigan but I kept checking in to make sure everything was alright. The first picture that was posted of sweet Evelyn just put me into tears! And for months after, I watched every single video posted and adored every picture of this beautiful baby.

This past month I finally got to meet this precious, bundle of joy. My oh my, did Evelyn take my breath away. This baby’s smile seriously could make your day, and she smiles a lot. Evelyn is one happy baby. Her and her mom stayed with me at my home for a few days and I couldn’t believe how good Evelyn was. She is a genuine, happy go lucky baby!! But what was truly wonderful to watch was by best friend being a wonderful mother. Watching her feed, play, and bath Evelyn was so beautiful, I basically cried the whole weekend. Its just so heartwarming to think that this gorgeous baby is an extension of my beautiful friend.

While they were visiting, I got to take a few pictures of Evelyn’s gorgeous face and big blue eyes. And as the weekend started to end, I started to wish that Hannah lived closer. When it was time for them to go, I cried holding sweet Evelyn. I cant wait to see these two again and I still love watching all the videos posted. I am just so happy for my beloved friend that she was given this wonderful gift and I will always cherish them both!!


Check out a few of my favorites from this session at my home studio!!



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