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Lepore Sister Session | Robin Hill Park, Moon Pa

I have known Ashley Lepore since back in my middle school days and it is crazy to think how long ago that really was.  This year would mark our 10th year from graduation, so I think that gives you a good judgment of how long ago that really was haha.  What is is more crazier is how much things have changed. Ashley, no longer a Lepore, is happily married and had her first baby born this year.

I am so glad that I got to work with Ashley and do this sister session for her. It had been a while since her and her sisters had a chance to have nice pictures together and they thought this would be a great gift for their mom. This was my first time meeting Ashley’s younger sisters, Emily and Hannah. My first thought was they could of been triplets. They all looked like they just got out of high school. These girls showed up like they stepped out of a magazine cover, rocking a light and airy bohemian feel of dresses. Overall, it was so much fun working with them. It was like making a cover of a sister band or a Kardashian photo shoot. I am so happy for Ashley and her new family, but it was wonderful to see her with her sisters appreciating her roots. Makes you think about how all of us go our separate ways ,and often lead separate lives. But no matter what, we never forget where we came from! <3 Check out some of my favorites from this wonderful shoot below!

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