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Bridal Portrait, The White Magnolia, Kentwood, LA

Picture this:

Your driving down a road through Louisiana country and its hard to keep your eyes on the road when you are driving by beautiful estates. I mean “gone with the wind” beautiful estates. You have been looking forward to this shoot for a while and the drive there is already making the 1,064 miles to shoot it worth it. Then you see a quaint little sign that says “The White Magnolia” and you pull off onto a beautiful piece of farm land catered to horses. In front of you to the left stands the The White Magnolia, and you soon realize there is nothing quaint about her.

What makes The White Magnolia so special? She is custom built dream venue.

The elegant country venue sits on a family owned, 110 acre piece of land that focused on its Quarter horse and commercial cattle farm. That was until Callie and Charlie Richardson (Owners) decided to get married.

Who wouldn’t want to get married on your own families farm? But Callie saw something much more than that. She saw an opportunity for something bigger. She saw the White Magnolia. The whole family would create a dream venue for Callie & Charlie’s wedding.

The barn was constructed with huge pine post and beams, cut from the family’s sawmill. Callie designed it with a beautiful mixture of southern charm and vintage elegance, a perfect canvas for the wedding of their dreams.

Have you ever heard the term , “If you build it, they will come” ? Well that is exactly what they did. Callie and Charlie would share their beautiful custom built venue with the world and even let us style a shoot to show off that its much more than just the average barn.

Part of the Styled Shoots across America campaign, this shoot was nothing less than a breathtaking example of what a bride could create with this venue. Designed and styled by Heather Benge herself, the southern romance was found in all the details that highlighted the event space. From the beautiful floral on the ceremony gazebo, the vintage rentals for cocktail hour, to the glorious table arrangements, Heather truly outdid herself.

For the last part of the shoot we were able to use one of the horses that the venue houses on the property. There is just something about a horse and a sunset that sets the tone for a country bride. Oh, did I mention the venue is surrounded by cottages for your guests to stay? In my opinion, Callie and Charlie set a new goal for any city couples looking for a gorgeous, country destination wedding.





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