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Jeffrey’s Memorial Session, Beaver County Memorial

I had the heartwarming opportunity to take pictures of this wonderful, young boy named Jeffrey. Jeffrey and his mother have founded an organization called Jeffrey’s Joy For All Heroes, on which they send out memorial cards, St Michael medals and prayer cards to police departments that have lost an officer. He has been swore in by many stations across the city and has become a joy for the law enforcement community. We even had the chance to have Chief Urhmacher, from the Hopewell Township Police department, join us for a few shots with Jeffrey in front of the Beaver County Memorial.

I had some special picture requests from his mom and it was very heartwarming to be a part of something like this. I got to be a little creative and I hope you are moved by the pictures like I am.   It was a real pleasure to get pictures of Jeffrey, I expect great things for his future. Jeffrey says he wants to be a detective when he grows up and I know he would be great at it. <3

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